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Vietnam Embassy in Slovenia

Visa details for Vietnam are available at the Embassy of Vietnam in Slovenia.


Available Visas Visa Requirements Visa Information  
Business Visa required Business travelers who hold Slovene passports and are visiting Vietnam for the purpose of signing contracts, attending conferences, or engaging in other business-related activities..  
Tourist Visa required For individuals holding Slovenian passports who travel to Vietnam for the purpose of tourism.  
Work Visa required For individuals from Slovenia who plan to be employed in Vietnam.  
Student Visa required For Slovenian students intending to pursue their studies in Vietnam.  

Embassies and Consulates of Vietnam in Slovenia

There is no embassy of Vietnam in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the moment. Please find the information below for the nearest embassy of Vietnam.

Nearest Embassy Embassy of Vietnam in Vienna Austria (It is a 279.3 km distance from Ljubljana with 0h hours, 27 minutes flight) Felix Mottl – Strasse 20, 1190 Vienna, Austria

Phone +43 1 3680 755 To call the embassy from Slovenia, please dial +43

Office hours Monday – Thursday: 8.00 am – 12:00 and 13:00-17:00 (Close now)

Time Right Now Ljubljana: 02:43 AM, Tuesday 04 July 2023 Vienna: 02:43 AM, Tuesday 04 July 2023 Time Difference: None

How to apply

Slovene passport holders or foreign passports living in Slovenia can choose between 03 available methods below to apply for a visa to Vietnam.

E-visa application

To apply for an e-visa online from Slovenia, please follow these steps:

Apply at the embassy

To apply for a visa at the embassy/consulate of Vietnam in Slovenia, the following documents are required:

Apply for visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is a different approach for Slovenian applicants traveling by air to Vietnam to acquire a visa. The procedure consists of four straightforward stages.

Tips: Visa on arrival price (Price quoted in EUR)

Visa Type 3 Working Days 1 Working Day
1 Month Single Entry (Tourist) 11.0 EUR 21.9 EUR
1 Month Multiple Entry (Tourist) 12.8 EUR 23.7 EUR
3 Month Single Entry (Tourist) 18.3 EUR 29.2 EUR
3 Month Multiple Entry (Tourist) 22.8 EUR 33.8 EUR
1 Month Single Entry (Business) 82.2 EUR 99.6 EUR
1 Month Multiple Entry (Business) 86.8 EUR 104.1 EUR
3 Month Single Entry (Business) 100.5 EUR 127.0 EUR
3 Month Multiple Entry (Business) 114.2 EUR 140.7 EUR

*Above price does NOT include stamping fee at Vietnam airport which is 25 USD for single entry (1 month/3 month) and 50 USD multiple entry (1 month/3 month). The price is quoted in Euro, click here to see our latest price in USD.