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Expedited or Rush Service includes Urgent/ Emergency (super urgent)/ Immediate (last minute) visa. These are special services besides normal visa processing, which support travelers to keep their original travel or planned trip with timely visa for their flight.

Our service will be on half of applicants to cover some procedures of urgent service visa and keep track of the processing time with the Immigration Department to make instantly actions for getting visa results timely as applicants request.

Urgent (Rush)/ Emergency (super urgent) / Immediate (Last minute) services are really effective for cases which travelers do not have enough time to apply normally with Vietnam Visa procedures by themselves or departure time for their trip to Vietnam is coming nearer even in the case they remain only one hour to depart their flight at any international departure airport.

We are able to supply Vietnam visa service urgently as fast as you request:

  1. Urgent in 4-5 working days
  2. Emergency in 1-2 working days
  3. Immediate in Time off, Sat,Sun or Holidays.


Please take note that Urgent and Emergency (super Urgent) services must be applied in the Immigration Department’s working time on weekdays and processing time will be calculated from 08:30am -14:30 pm every day.  If you apply these services after this time, your visa application will be automatically transferred into the next processing day.

Immediate/ last minute visa will be used anytime not in working time of the Immigration Department including off days or holidays/ weekend and extra time.

In any rush circumstances, you are advised to review your flight departure time to choose the urgent /rush visa services suitable with your boarding time.