Vietnam Business Visa

Vietnam, a business visa is trading or working visa. It is known as DN type and is issued for those who enter Vietnam for short business activities or short working such as conference, sign contract or meetings . . .  with maximum period of 12 months.

  What is Business visa?

To Vietnam, a business visa is trading or working visa. It is known as DN type and is issued for those who enter Vietnam for short business activities or short working such as conference, sign contract or meetings . . .  with maximum period of 12 months.

Yes. If you plan to live and work in Vietnam on a long-term basis. In this case, you need a work permit.

  • Getting a Vietnam Business Visa online
  • Getting a Vietnam Business Visa On Arrival
  • Getting a Vietnam Business Visa at an Embassy/Consulate

Getting a Vietnam Business Visa online

You have to send a scan of your passport’s personal information and picture page.

Passport-size picture(s) with the following specifications:

  1. Size: 4 cm x 6 cm
  2. Taken recently
  3. White background
  4. You must be centered in the picture, staring ahead with a neutral facial expression
  5. If you wear headgear for religious purposes or you have a wig, you may keep it in the picture but must also be wearing on arrival
  6. You must not be wearing any glasses
  7. Proof you have paid the Vietnam Visa fee

You are completing the online application form at , simply “Business” as the purpose of your travel on the dropdown menu.

Then, fill in the information on your passport, follow step by step as required, pay the visa fee, and wait for the visa to be processed.

If your application is approved, they have to send you the registration code so that you can print out your e-Visa and enter Vietnam.

However, the validity of an Evisa is only 30 days for a single-entry. If you want to stay longer, you will have to apply for your Business Visa through one of the other two options.

Getting a Vietnam Business Visa at an Embassy/Consulate

Check Vietnam Embassy in your country

The requirements of business visa may be slightly various from embassy to embassy but most of them will require the following documents:

- Origin passport: your passport must be valid for at least 06 months according to the requirements of airlines. If there is no blank page on the passport, a loose-leaf visa will be issued.

- Application form: the form is available for download at the official website of embassies. You can also get it directly at their office. The form must be completed, signed and attached with 01 passport photo.

- Letter of entry clearance: the business partner in Vietnam will support you obtain this letter. You just need to provide them with your passport details, type of visa, proposed date of entry and name of the Vietnamese embassy/consulate you wish to collect the visa from. The letter will be issued after 5 business days.

- Visa fee: the fees are various from embassy to embassy and are dependent on the length of stay and numbers of entry. Please contact the embassy in which you plan to file the application for details about the fee.

- The typical processing time is 5 business days. The express service is available for a 1-month business visa.

Getting a Vietnam Business Visa On Arrival

For short-term business visa valid for 1 month and 3 months

The online application for a short-term Vietnam business visa is identical to that of a Vietnam tourist visa. The applicants can online apply from home by sending your passport copy to our email In the email, please include your intended date of arrival and type of visa you want to apply (1 month or 3 months). Next step, please transfer money to the PayPal account or bank account for us. Within less than 48 business hours since the payment is verified, you will receive a visa approval letter. This letter states that you are allowed to enter Vietnam for business purpose during visa validity and that you are able to collect real visa on arrival at any of Vietnam’s international airports (Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh).

Note: The letter may include information about other people applying for the visa on the same day as you. Don’t panic when you find there are more than 01 people listed in your letter. If you prefer a separate visa approval, please send a message at the time of application, no extra fee is required for a separate approval request.

At the immigration counter of the arrival airport, kindly submit your original passport with a minimum of 6 months validity, visa approval, entry-exit form attached with 01 passport photo, and pay stamping fee ($25 for single visas and $50 multiple visas). Within 10 or 15 minutes, the stamped passport will be returned to you.

What are the requirements for a Vietnam Business Visa?

To obtain a business visa (DN visa), you need to prepare the required documents as follows.

Your passport with 6-month validity (at least) and two blank pages for Vietnam’s visa stamp and immigration stamp.

Two passport photos.

Sponsorship letter from a licensed company in Vietnam.

Vietnam visa application can be filled out online

Business Visas for Vietnam can be issued for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or one year and for single-, or multiple entries.

You can apply to extend your Vietnam Business Visa at the nearest Immigration Office in Vietnam. You will need a letter of invitation or sponsorship from the inviting company.

The fee for a Vietnam Business Visa depends on the method through which you’re applying:

If you are applying for a Vietnam Business Visa On Arrival:

  1. Single-entry, 1 month: USD 188
  2. Multiple-entry, 1 month USD 216
  3. Single-entry, 3 months USD 280
  4. Multiple-entry, 3 months USD 280

The prices above are for the normal day only. In urgent situation please call Hotline: +84 968 18 77 18

 or email us at

Processing time: Normal (Guaranteed 2-4 working days)


  1. Stamping fee included already unless visa on arrival the stamping fee will be paid directly to Immigration counter at airport.
  2. Your information must be the same on the passport. All data will be transferred to system of Immigration Department after the payment successful directly. If wrong information you have to re-apply and to pay again.
  3. This is irrevocable service and none refundable with any reason, please consider or asking us before making payment.
  4. Approval letter or visa will be sent to you timely according to your paid service. Urgently call or email us through contact information in case of not receiving the letter or visa, otherwise our company is excused from all responsibilities regarding to service implementation.


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