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(Visaonlinevietnam.com) – Besides Vietnam visa services at www.visaonlinevietnam.com, VIETNAM VISA Inc has also developed hotel online service at our site. The website focuses on helping travelers worldwide to book their accommodation in Vietnam with the best prices available.

Presently, this portal provides travelers with a self-service tool that you can gather yourself all required information of almost all great hotels in Vietnam (from 3 to 5 stars) such as hotel descriptions, room types and facilities, clear and updated rates for each room type, and transparent photos of your interested hotels, etc. You may easily base on the available information to evaluate and select the most suitable hotels.


To book a room(s) at any hotel in Vietnam:

– Just note a short message with your hotels’ names/price ranges when you apply for the visa at our site or
– Fill out the online form at www.visaonlinevietnam.com or visit: https://transoceanservice.com/hotel
– Email us at info@transoceanservice.com, or
– Call us at (+84) 839 20 24 26 – 119 or hotline (+84) 968 18 77 18


Whenever you need help with planning your trip in Vietnam, even in rush cases, you can always visit our website https://transoceanservice.com/tours, the company’s main portal for vacation arrangement, or contact our 24/7 available consultants for help. We offer all types of tours in Vietnam, from adventure, classical tours to honeymoon, relaxation or MICE tours and anything in between ranging from budget to luxury types. If you need a tour now, just call us (+84) 982 87 97 18 or email us at sales@visaonlinevietnam.com to get the detailed guide.


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