05 most romantic coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh city

05 most romantic coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh city

Coffee culture becomes an indispensable feature of Saigon people. Anytime you wish for a relaxation, it’s not hard to find a romantic coffee shops at any streets in Ho Chi Minh city. Here are 5 top romantic café where you may want to experience for difference during your visit.

The Workshop’s atmosphere is all about functionality. The decor feels industrial in a way, yet still fun and lively. It’s the kind of place where you could spend all day being productive, which is exactly why they count many professionals as repeat customers. They’ve struck a wonderful balance between business and pleasure, with great food and an impressive selection of specialty coffees shop.

05 most romantic coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh city

1. Panorama Café

romantic coffee shops 
coffee shops

Panorama Café is located at the 33rd floor of Saigon Trade Center in District 1. Not surprising when it has the most stunning view of the whole city. The feeling of sitting on a very high point of the city to drink coffee is great. In terms of price, Panorama Café charges more expensive rather than other coffee shops. It costs around $7 per drink but just thinking about the view, it is worth paying for such a beautiful place.

2. Diamond Café

Be situated at a suburban district, Diamond Café may be not a crowded attraction. However, for those who love big garden and wide space to relieve all stresses at weekends, Diamond Café can satisfy your demand. The café is divided into 3 separate spaces: an air-conditioning room, an area with panoramic view of the garden and an airy garden. The average price ranges 14,000 – 49,000 VND per drink. Besides drinks, Diamond Café also serves European and Asian dishes.

Address: 45/76, Lane 20, Ward 8, Go Vap District

3. Huyen Thoai Café

romantic coffee shops 
coffee shops

Huyen Thoai Café is well-known by its unique own architecture. It was designed based on the idea of the ancient European-style castles. You will see the uninterrupted system of lakes surrounding the foot of the wall, making feeling like the castle built between the cold lakes.
Sipping a cup of coffee and imagining you’re a prince or princess in a castle will be an unforgettable, dreamy experience.

Address: 39 Nhat Chi Mai street, Tan Binh District

4. Du Mien Café

Du Mien Cafe is located in a small alley of Ho Bieu Chanh street. The cafe is designed with Spanish style. The surroundings with peaceful lawns along the blooming buds bring a feeling of comfort.

The café has separate pieces of space so if you prefer enjoying the sun and smelling the aroma of flowers, the terrace is where you should take a seat. In addition, the bar also has delicious and beautifully decorated ice-creams.

Address: 48/9A Ho Bieu Chanh Street, Ward 11, Phu Nhuan District

5. Jumbo Jungle – Café & Restaurant

romantic coffee shops 
coffee shops

Located in the basement of Parkson CT Plaza, the restaurant is impressive enough to attract the attention of many visitors. Upon entering, Jumbo Jungle will make you go from surprise to surprise. It is decorated just like a real jungle. From the roots of artificial old trees to animals like monkeys, elephants, etc., all were created by the detailed caring and soulful heart of the owner.

Not stopping there, Jumbo Jungle is also a playground for kids where they can review the evolutionary history of mankind through the images painted on the cliff. Above all, Jumbo Jungle also offers a green message to the people: “Let love and protect the forest, the lung of the earth”

Address: Basement B1, Parkson building, 60A Truong Son street, Tan Binh Dist.

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