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How to get Vietnam Visa from Cambodia 2023?

Approved by the Immigration Department and basing on the legal function of an international tourist company, we specialize in processing entry Vietnam visa from Cambodia for millions of passengers yearly from all countries over the world.

So, online application for a visa with our website at is fully legitimate and we ensure that 100% passengers on our website will be received an entry visa to Vietnam easily by approval letters which we apply for passengers with the Immigration Department and send back to you by email:

How to get Vietnam Visa from Cambodia 2023?

Cambodia is one of the nations which the Vietnam Government accepts legally for tourists or businessmen to get a Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport ( VOA).

Vietnam Visa On Arrival is effective for citizens who are living far away from the Vietnamese Embassies and do not want to lose money and their important documents (passport, personal papers) by postal mail.

Vietnam Visa from Cambodia

You can choose the following way to get Vietnam visa  on Arrival from Cambodia:

A. Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival and Visa stamped at Vietnam International Airports by applying online in website

1. Access the website and  apply online to get Vietnam visa on Arrival (Visa stamped at any Vietnam International Airports)

2. Choose a suitable service for your trip/plan

3. Follow 3 Steps on our website to complete the application of Pre-arranged Visa on Arrival

  • Fill Online Form (Name And Email/ Your info details and arrival date/ Type of visa service);
  • Make Payment online by Credit Card (or) Bank Transfer.
  • Required Documents:  No need to send any important documents (ie: original passport)

4. Processing service time after confirmed payment

  • Normal: from 1 to 2 working days.
  • Urgent: from 4-8 working hours
  • In rush service, you can get visa Vietnam in 30 minutes to 4 hours even at weekends and National holidays

5. The result of processing service on our website

  • An approval letter for your information on our website issued by the Immigration Department.

6. What should you do when receiving our result back by email to your application online?

  • Print this approval letter which we send back as result by email.
  • Bring it with your travel and prepare  2 photos, stamping fee  (ruled by the Immigration Department:45 USD for single entry or 65 USD /95 USD for multiple entries ) to depart for Vietnam trip
  • Further information, please visit the application process.

* Please note that you can also take this approval letter get Vietnam visa stamped on your passport at the Vietnam Embassy nearest to your home

B.  Get Vietnam Entry Visa at Vietnam Embassies in Cambodia

If you apply for Visa to Vietnam in person at the Vietnam Embassy in Cambodia, you need to know:

  • Visa administrative Institution: Vietnam Embassy
  • Processing time: it depends on how fast you need. But for sure, you should make a call to the Vietnam Embassy for details.
  • Required Documents: passport, money and 1 new envelope with the stamp on it and your exact home address in order to avoid losing issues. 


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