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How many days before travel date that you need to get Vietnam visa?

Every tourist coming to Vietnam must hold need to get Vietnam visa to enter this country. However, not everyone knows they should apply for Vietnam visa how soon before their travel date. This article will help you!

You know, Vietnam is among the safest country all over the world, therefore about 10 million visitors travel every year.

Although Vietnam has a Vietnam visa exemption list but almost all citizens from nationalities need a Vietnam visa as the first factor that foreigners are interested in because it relates to Vietnam’s policies and diplomatic policy for other countries.

How many days before travel date that you need to get Vietnam visa?

Before the trip to Vietnam for a few weeks or months, everybody is required carefully prepare, consisting of visa, travel tips, information about culture…

Have you ever wondered about how soon you should apply for Vietnam visa before the travel date? Don’t worry because we will give you the appropriate time to apply for a visa to make your experience to Vietnam be more easy and convenient.

Period of Vietnam visa validity and duration of stay

Period of Vietnam visa is what you need to pay attention, as this is the time calculated from when you enter Vietnam, into the international border gate until you leave Vietnam. Of course, you cannot arrive in Vietnam before your visa begins but you can arrive after that date.

Therefore, the arrival date you provide would be the earliest you plan to arrive meanwhile the departure date you provide should be the last day you are allowed to be in the country. In case you had get Vietnam visa extension, you can stay longer.

If you cannot imagine, we give you an example: You apply for a one-month Vietnam visa and your arrival date is April 23th, 2020, your Approval Letter (in case you apply visa via Vietnam visa on arrival) will be valid from May 22th, 2020. That means you are able to enter the country during that month from April 23th to May 22th.

Vietnam visa period: How many types of visa?

How many days before travel date that you need to get Vietnam visa?

There are 2 different durations depending on the type of visa:

  • Single entry visa: tourist can use to enter and exit Vietnam ONE time only during the valid duration of the visa. In the other words, it means that visitors are just allowed to enter and exit Vietnam only one time. When they exit, they cannot re-enter Vietnam with that visa as their visa is considered no longer valid, it will automatically become expired and stamped as “USED”.

  • Multiple entry visa: tourists holding this visa is permitted to re-enter Vietnam many times later provided that their exit before or on the exit date written in visa approval letter/code. In contrast to Vietnam single entry visa, Vietnam multiple entry visa can be used to enter and exit Vietnam more than one time during the period while your visa is valid. In case you want to enter Cambodia, Laos or any other countries from Vietnam and then re-enter without applying for anymore Vietnam visa, you can apply for this multiple entry visa.

How long will you get Vietnam visa?

Depending on each registration method you choose that time to receive a Vietnam visa is different.

Applying Vietnam visa on arrival

This is the modern way that more and more people use these day as its fast and convenience. You can apply for Vietnam visa through any trusted visa agency or tourist company, receive the approval letter via mail. When arriving at any Vietnam International Airport, you should show your passport and approval letter to the customs officer, then go to Landing visa counter to get your Visa stamped.

How many days before travel date that you need to get Vietnam visa 3

Vietnam visa approval letter

  • Normal service: We guarantee delivery of approval letter in 2 working days by email based on the Immigration Department working hours. If you apply from 15:00 PM every day from Monday to Friday or on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, it will be processed the next business day. Stamping fee extra.

  • Urgent service: 4 – 8 hours of the working day. If you apply from 15:00 PM every day from Monday to Friday or on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, it will be processed the next business day. The extra charge is from $18 to $49/person. Stamping fee extra.

  • Emergency service: 30 minutes to one working hour based on the Immigration Department. The extra charge is from $49 to $100/person. You should call our hotline (+84) 968.18.77.18 to confirm the application has been received and acknowledged to process. You are subject to pay stamping fee at the airports. Please note this service use 9:30 AM to 11: 00 AM in the morning; 14:30 PM to 15:00 PM in the afternoon. It is from Monday to 3:00 PM Friday depending on how rush you need.

Immediately service case in Time off, Sat, Sun or Holidays: You need to choose this option if you are flying out for a weekend, holiday, time off or getting trouble at an international border gate.

Applying Vietnam e-Visa

Vietnam visa is issued for 80 countries in list Vietnam Immigration Department to foreigners entering the country. There have 2 types of fee: visa service fee and visa stamping fee. You should submit scanned your images and passport data, print Evisa from the email we send you, show passport and E-visa when coming to Vietnam international border gate without waiting for Vietnamese visa stamp.

How many days before travel date that you need to get Vietnam visa?

It takes you 3 business days with normal service and 2 business days with urgent service to get Vietnam e-visa after applying.

Applying Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy/ Vietnam Consulate

If you apply for Vietnam visa in traditional way: at Vietnam Embassy in your country, we are kindly confirm that your visa process takes you 5 – 7 days, so you should take aware of this period so as not to get trouble.

How many days before travel date that you need to get Vietnam visa?

Although this problem is not easy to be happened but it still happens to many people, as they misunderstand that the visa period begins at the time of applying for a visa or from the time they receive the approval letter. Many visitors told that they apply for a Vietnam visa before arriving about 2-4 days but this is completely wrong. Why? Once you apply for a visa at the registration page, you will need to provide an item as “Arrival date”, the valid visa period starts from the date of entry into Vietnam, so you can apply Vietnamese visa any time before entry date with Vietnam visa on arrival.

For many people who had planned their trip long time before, they may apply for a Vietnam visa before departure 2-3 months, right after booking their flights. In case you suspect your plan may change, we advise you to apply for a visa 1-2 weeks in advance because we cannot change any information or refund if the letter approval has been issued and sent to you already.

Let’s apply for Vietnam Tourist visa or Vietnam Business visa at no matter when and where you are!

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