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You may not know: What does your passport color stand for?

Have you ever wondered that your passport color stand for has any meaning? We are pleased to explain to you about what your passport color stands for.

What does your passport color stand for?

Have you ever wondered that your passport color has any meaning? We are pleased to explain to you about what your passport color stands for.

If you are a travel lover, you may discover that there are many kinds of passport and every country have a different passport color. Passport colors actually stand for something and each color has its own meaning. So can the countries decide what color they want for their passport? Of course not, they can do whatever they want with the design but the color, because it must be chosen from one of 4 following options: red, green, black, blue.


What is color of the passport based on? It depends on the country’s political and cultural preferences, its geographical location as well the States themselves which define the color of the passport’s cover. Every color will come in different shades, so there is actually a multitude of passport colors.

What does red on passport stand for?

The most common color for passport covers that everyone can see is red. It cannot be just the original red but the shades of red vary across the countries, from orange-red to the rosier red or dark reddish-purple color a popular choice of members of the European Union (except for Croatia).


Why red? It is claimed to be the in connection to a past communist history but this is still not-verified information because Vietnam is also a communist country but its passport color is green.

What does green on passport stand for?

Let’s remember which countries have you seen with green passport? They are Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and the reason why they chose this color was different from countries.


Meanwhile, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Burkina Faso believe that green is the favorite color of the Prophet Mohammed and is associated with paradise in the Koran, the Muslim religion such as Afghanistan and Iran suppose green is a symbol of eternity.

What does blue on passport stand for?

Why is the list of countries having blue passports so long, consisting of Canada, El Salvador, United States, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay? Because they believe that the blue symbolizes the “new world”. No need to keep the original blue, based on national preference, there are huge variations of the color. Australia have adopted a dark shade of blue for passport cover while Fiji and others prefers a brighter blue.


To make the color in passport cover similar to the blue on the national flag, the US passport was switched from green to blue in 1976.

What does black on passport stand for?

To many people, black is the color of mystery and attraction but just a few countries adopt black for their passport. Most of them are from African countries such as Angola, Congo, Chad, Zambia, …

What does your passport color stand for 5

New Zealand also choose black for their passport cover because their national flag is black.

Although the countries have the liberty to style and design the passport, by the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requires all passport booklets must be 125mm by 88mm.

You can apply for a Vietnam visa easily with any colors in your passport cover, no matter when and where you are at!

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