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Vietnam Visa for the Andorran

Vietnam Visa for the Andorran – General

1. Do Andorran need Vietnam Visa to enter Vietnam?

– Yes, they do. The Andorran Citizens who are living in Andorra or other countries in the world arriving in Vietnam for tourist or business purpose, also need Vietnam Visa.

2. How to apply Vietnam Visa for Andorran who wishing to enter Vietnam?

There are two ways

2.1 Apply online for a Vietnam Visa

By applying for Vietnam Visa online from Andorra, you are going to get Vietnam Visa stamped at Vietnam airport. You only spend some minutes to fill in the application form on this website www.Vietnam-Evisa.Org with the correct detail of your information, ex: your passport number, name, arrival day, payment form? This way is also called Vietnam Visa on arrival (VOA).

You should choose this way because it brings more convenient. You mustn’t waste the time to send your passport to anywhere, or waiting a long time to get feedback from Embassy or Consulate, need only have your mail address. This way is very cheap, quick, safe, and reduces the minimum for losing your documents. Besides, the service fee is fixed on the website, no hidden charged and extra fees, no fail. After 1-2 working hours, you will get the confirmation to know your Visa status. And after 24-48 hours, you will get the permission which allows you to get Visa stamp at the airport when you arrived. In emergency, you can process Visa approval letter for applying Visa from the Vietnam Immigration Department from 30 minutes to 4 hours, it depends on how rush you need. In addition, there is still a traditional way to get Vietnam Visa, you can find it in the next instruction below:

2.2 Apply at the Vietnamese Embassy/ Consulate for a Vietnam Visa

This way is inconvenient, complete, not easy to implement, you have to send your passport or required document to Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in your country. It is a rather complicated way because you waste both the time and cost of going, sometimes you feel very unsatisfied with the problem of losing your issues (passport or money), and waits the announcement from the Embassy.

Further more, Vietnam Embassy or Consulate has not established in Andorra yet. So, you must contact with The Vietnam Embassy in France-the nearest country, for the Visa application. Therefore, we totally suggest you should apply the Visa through Vietnam Visa on arrival as the best choice.

And there is the Vietnam Embassy address in France below, you can make reference to apply for Vietnam Visa.

Vietnamese Embassy in Paris, France

Address: 62 Rue Boileau 75016 Paris, France
City: Paris
Phone: 01 44 14 64 00 (Operator)
Fax: 01 45 24 39 48 (Politic)
Web Site:
Email: ;


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