New Update: Vietnam visa requirements for Nicaragua citizens

Who needs visa to Vietnam?
New Update: Vietnam visa requirements for Nicaragua citizens

Vietnam visa requirements for Nicaragua. Do citizens of Nicaragua need a visa to visit Vietnam? This page provided informations about visa requirement or exemption...

Vietnam visa requirements for Nicaragua. This page provided informations about visa requirement or exemption for citizens of Nicaragua. Vietnamese or Nicaragua government policy may changes, now. If you've got new infos about requirements for Nicaragua 's passport holder, please contact us. Thank you!

Do citizens of Nicaragua need a visa to visit Vietnam?

Yes, Visa is required for citizen of Nicaragua to visit Vietnam for any purposes from visiting friends and families to going on a business trip or taking leisure vacation.

However, the Vietnam Visa Policy has stated several criteria falling under which a Nicaragua citizen can benefit from certain visa exemptions. The following are some of the major exemption rules:

1) Vietnam allows owners of diplomatic and official passport holders to avail a visa exemption. A Nicaragua citizen with a diplomat or official passport can get a visa free stay exemption of up to 90 days maximum. If the passport holder needs to extend the stay, then he will need a visa.

2) All the Nicaragua citizens who have Vietnamese spouses or Vietnamese parents are eligible to apply for a visa exemption for a maximum duration of up to 5 years. A thorough paper work needs to be completed to avail this exemption.

3) In addition, children under the age of 14 years are also freed from obtaining a visa, if they share the passports with their parents. If the child holds a separate passport, then a separate visa will be needed.

4) If you are a Nicaragua based Vietnamese resident, even then you are allowed to avail a visa exemption of up to 5 years provided all the proofs are submitted to the immigration department.

5) For the travelers planning to reach the Phu Quoc islands in Vietnam, a maximum exemption of 30 days has been given. If you wish to go beyond the island or stay on the island for more than 30 days, then you will have to obtain a valid visa.

The process of visa largely goes through two media. First is through the official embassy and the second is through various online agents like us for a VOA.

How to obtain Vietnam Entry Visa for Nicaragua passport holder?

There are two ways Nicaragua passport holder can apply for Vietnam Entry Visa:

Apply for Vietnam visa online:

a/.     Stamp visa when entering any international border in Vietnam:

This is the simplest and fastest way for Nicaragua passport holder. To apply for visa online, passenger can visit our website or send email to us, after 5-7 working days, passenger will receive visa dispatch issued by Vietnam Immigration Department.

 b/.       Stamp visa at Vietnam Embassy in Nicaragua or another country with Vietnam Embassy

To apply for visa online and stamp visa at Vietnam Embassy, passenger must send us address of Vietnam Embassy passenger wants to go to stamp visa. After visa is completed and sent to the passenger, passenger must follow our instructions to stamp visa