New update: Vietnam visa requirement for Guinea-Bissau

Who needs visa to Vietnam?
New update: Vietnam visa requirement for Guinea-Bissau

Vietnam visa requirement for Guinea-Bissau. This page provided informations about visa requirement or exemption for citizens of Guinea

Does a Guinea-Bissau citizen need a visa for entering Vietnam?

Guinea Bissau citizens need visa to Vietnam

Guinea – Bissau currently has no Vietnam embassy, so its citizens have been provided with two ways of getting a visa: by applying online or by visiting an embassy in the nearest neighboring country. 

Option 1: Getting visa beforehand at embassy of Vietnam

Embassy application is a must for land and sea travelers and optional to those who wish to travel by air to Vietnam. For Guinea-Bissau citizens to be able to make an application they will be required to submit their original passport, 2 passport photos (2 x 2 inches), a filled in visa form provided at the embassy and USD cash for visa processing to an immigration officer for visa process. This process takes 5 to 7 working days to get a visa

Kindly be informed that there is no Vietnam representative office in Guinea-Bissau at the present, you can check other countries to find the nearest Vietnam Embassy / Consulate to contact.

Option 2: Apply online for pre-approval then get visa on arrival

For you to apply online, you will be required to visit our website to fill in the form provided online and submit with a copy of their passport and make payments in USD for service fees via secure online methods like PayPal, Western Union or Bank Transfer.

Wait for the approval letter to be sent to their email then proceed with the journey to Vietnam by air.

Upon arrival at the airport, it is a must for you to submit their original passport, 2 passport photos, an approval letter and USD cash for stamping fees to an immigration officer for them to get their visa at the airport. 

The advantage of the online application is that they can apply from anywhere in the world provided the internet connection is good.

You are advised first to check the validity of your passport before traveling; it should be at least 6 months valid and have two or more pages for visa pasting. 

If intending to apply for a visa online, they should communicate with our immigration officers and find out whether they can apply or not.

Useful notes:

- An urgent visa can be acquired online for individuals who have pressing matters to attend to in Vietnam, it takes one working day or less to get this visa.

- If having problems in receiving an approval letter email us at for rapid response.

- Visit our website now and apply for the visa today do not hesitate, come and explore the beauty and nature of Vietnam.

- Please feel free ad consult with our officers on procedures and guidance on visa applications and avoid making errors or visa cancellation. We are available to assist in whatever information or assistance needed from us. For your comments, suggestions or feedbacks visit our website and leave them for us to attend to them, do not forget this will help us improve the quality of our services.