What you must know about Vietnam visa extension and renewal for US citizens?


Vietnam visa extension is issued for people who are in Vietnam and their visa is expired. What you must know about Vietnam visa extension and renewal for US citizens?

Vietnam visa extension and renewal for US citizens

Vietnam visa extension is issued for people who are in Vietnam and their visa is expired. What you must know about Vietnam visa extension and renewal for US citizens?

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Everyone who has an expired Vietnam visa can choose between extending your visa or renewing your visa depending on your travel needs.

This article below can give you more information about how to extend/renew your visa in Vietnam.

When extend Vietnam visa, you are allowed to have longer staying permission in Vietnam.

This process has to be conducted while your Vietnam visa is still in validity and it usually takes you 5 – 7 working days.

You need to submit your passport as well as required documents to the Departure of Immigration.

Which documents you need to prepare? They are:

  • Your valid original passport

  • Residence certificate which is issued by local public security

  • A 4×6 cm photo with white background

  • The NA5 form on page 11 sealed by your agency/company in Vietnam.

Vietnam visa extension for US citizens

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Vietnam visa extension for US citizens refresh your VISA’s validity, as the maximum extending time you can is your current VISA’s maximum validity with the same type of VISA.

We currently can’t find the official gateway or genuine information about it, so this time you should find an agency to take care of it.

www.Visaonlinevietnam.com advises that you should find the agency which help you get Vietnam visa on arrival.

Moreover, you should notice somethings when applying Vietnam Visa Extension for US citizens:

  • Your purpose of the latest entry visa will decide the procedures of Visa extension

  • Vietnam border gate in which you enter will determine extension cost

  • The latest date of entry will impact substantial on extension fee

  • You should provide visa agent with number of extensions and places of extension.

Vietnam visa renewal for US citizens

Instead of visa extension, you can get visa for Vietnam US citizen renewal if you want to extend your time staying in Vietnam by another type of VISA.

With this situation, you can get a 6 months validity from the 3 months current visa or can also change from single entry to multiple entries and vice versa.

The cost of renewal is more expensive because you will issue a brand-new VISA.

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Visa renewal is good for those who wish to get a new visa without leaving Vietnam.

  • You can renew your visa for both multiple/single entry

  • Unlike visa extension, you will get a new page sticker on your passport as a new visa

A common question is asked when people apply for visa extension and visa renewal is the reason why extension fee in Vietnam is higher than visa fee.

In fact, as Vietnam Immigration Apartment wants to prevent every foreign case staying in the country for illegal working purposes. In case the extension price is low, all tourists can extend their stay in Vietnam easily without wasting time, travel expenses, and much effort.

Foreigners who want to work illegally in Vietnam may easily get visa extension, make it hard to control them and create negative impacts on the economy.

Therefore, Vietnam welcomes you coming to the country for a visit but they do not encourage foreigners to enter Vietnam and prolong their stay for illegal employment.

How to apply for visa extension?

Vietnam visa extension for US citizens can be applied on your own or apply through a local agency in Vietnam. Steps to apply are as follows:

Step 1: Prepare the renewal/extension application form NA5 along with your passport.

Step 2: Hand in the documents above to the Immigration office below, with the fee if required

  • Immigration office in Hanoi: 44-46 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

  • Da Nang: 7 Tran Quy Cap, Da Nang

  • Ho Chi Minh city: 196 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city

  • Working hours: Monday-Friday (Morning: 7am – 11h30am; Afternoon: 1h30pm – 5pm) and Saturday (Morning time only)

Step 3: Wait for 5 working days for the result. Normally it takes 5-7 working days for a 1 month visa and 10 working days for a 3 month visa.

Work Permit Extension for US passport holders

Work permit, like other kinds of visa, also has a limited period so American employees who want to work in Vietnam must submit documents to renew work permit to local Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Service where were initially issued the permit before at least 10 days but not more than 30 days before the existing permit expires.

To extend your work permit, you need to prepare:

  • The written request to renew the work permit of the employer

  • Two color photos (size 4cm x 6cm, white background, straight face, no glasses), not more than 6 months up to the date of application.

  • Copy of work contract.

  • Your current work permit.

How much to pay for about Vietnam visa extension for US citizens?

The fee that you need to pay for Vietnam visa extension US is not the same because of the different situation such as nationality and your border port.

To know your specific price with a particular case, you must send a photo of passport and visa via email to visa agent.

It is usually from USD 130 to USD 530 depending on the period as 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and cases so this is the price for reference purposes.


1)  You should extend your Vietnam visa at a minimum of 5 days before the deadlines of your stay in Vietnam

2)  You will have to pay an additional fee for emergency service

3) You should renew if you want to stay in Vietnam for 3 months and wish to change types of visa from single to multiple. You can also renew it by applying for Visa online in Vietnam as its convenient and saving time.


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