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Tourism police to protect foreigners

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has been asked by its department in Ha Noi (or Ho Chi Minh) to establish a tourism police force dedicated to protecting visitors who are increasingly suffering from tourist scams in the capital.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has been asked by its department in Ha Noi (or Ho Chi Minh) to establish a tourism police force dedicated to protecting visitors who are increasingly suffering from tourist scams in the capital.

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Cases are reported daily of foreign tourists being overcharged by taxi drivers and cheated by hotel employees. This has negatively affected the image of both the city and the country in the eyes of international visitors, said the department’s deputy director Mai Tien Dung.

A crackdown on security management has been conducted in hotels, hostels and resorts, Dung said, adding that despite this, inspections could only go so far to solve the problems in the absence of specific regulations.

His department has proposed that as well as forming a special police force, other measures should be implemented. They suggested that crimes against tourism, such as overcharging, stealing and harassment from peddlers should be met with heavy fines.

Colonel Dao Duy Ngoc, deputy director of the city’s police department, agreed with the proposal for the creation of a tourism police force. “This is a good idea. We will set up the force as soon as it is approved by a higher authority”.

While the establishment of the force is considered an effective measure to tackle crime in the tourists sector, some people have argued that it has limitations.

Such issues arouse partly due to the lack of authorities’ sufficient management in tourism. Major-General Le Van Cuong, former director of the Institute of Strategy and Science under the Ministry of Public Service, said that the force alone would not solve all the problems.

“The tourists industry should firstly analyse its strength and weakness. Only then will it know if co-operation from other authorities is necessary,” he said.

“Another important measure is to raise people’s awareness so that tourist businesses are fully conscious of the risks that their customers face and potential scammers know that their behaviour is unacceptable,” he pointed out.

“However, if the police are needed whenever a problem occurs, then we will definitely set up a specific police force in the future,” he added.

The Prime Minister has just issued Directive No. 10/CT-TTg on protecting national security, ensuring social order and safety in the tourists sector in the new situation.

Ms. Thi stated that implementing Resolution No. 08-NQ/TW dated 16/1/2017 of the Politburo on tourism development to become a spearhead economic sector, Vietnam’s tourism is growing strongly, making important contributions to socio-economic development and enhancing national image and position.


That result is thanks to the direct and close leadership and direction of the Party and Government; the participation of the whole political system, the whole people and the business community in building and developing tourism products, a friendly, civilized, secure and safe tourism environment.

The work of protecting national security, ensuring social order and safety in general and in the tourism sector in particular has achieved many positive results, contributing to maintaining political stability, creating a security and safety environment to effectively serve the tasks of socio-economic development, attracting foreign investment and international tourists.

However, this work still has some shortcomings and limitations. The world situation is developing rapidly, complicatedly and unpredictably. Big countries adjust their strategies, both cooperate and compete and restrain each other. Global issues and non-traditional security (food security, water security, cyber security, climate change, natural disasters, epidemics…) affect many aspects of the country’s economy, politics and security, including the sustainable development of the tourism industry. The risk of financial crisis, social instability, strategic and geopolitical competition is increasingly fierce, continuing to deeply divide international relations, directly affecting foreign policies of countries and fundamentally changing international tourism activities.

The trend of shifting the wave of investment and application of digital technology and e-commerce in the tourism sector along with the effects of new-generation free trade agreements will create both intertwined opportunities and challenges for the development of Vietnam’s tourism.

The COVID-19 pandemic will still be complicated, continuing to negatively impact the world economy in general and Vietnam in particular, in which tourism is one of the service industries that suffer the most. However, the COVID-19 epidemic provides an opportunity to restructure and focus on thoroughly solving the limitations and inadequacies in the tourism industry, at the same time when the epidemic is controlled, the trend of opening, attracting investment, simplifying immigration procedures to develop tourism is promoted, inevitably leading to many security, social and environmental consequences. This is also a favorable condition for hostile forces and criminals to take advantage of the tourist route to conduct activities that infringe on national security, social order and safety with increasingly sophisticated and dangerous nature, level and tricks.

Definitively handle complex gatherings

Definitively handle complex gatherings

In order to harmonize the relationship between tourism economic development and ensuring national security, social order and safety in the new situation, the Prime Minister requests ministries, ministerial-level agencies, Government-attached agencies, People’s Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities to strengthen prevention work, fight and prevent the situation of Vietnamese people leaving the country, migrating illegally, residing and working illegally, violating foreign laws in the current situation; take initiative in preventing, promptly detecting, fighting, preventing and neutralizing conspiracies and activities of hostile and reactionary forces taking advantage of tourism to infringe upon national security, social order and safety.

Agencies shall strengthen the fight against crime, prevent acts of law violation, maintain social order and safety in tourist zones and attractions; preventing and combating trade fraud, tax loss, money laundering and environmental pollution; definitively handle complex social order gatherings in key tourism areas, create a healthy and safe environment, contributing to sustainable tourism development; implement solutions to ensure tourism security from planning for sustainable tourism development to improving the effectiveness and effectiveness of the State management of tourism, dealing with complex issues arising in the process of tourism development in the locality.

Strengthen internal political protection and protection of state secrets; proactively prevent, detect and prevent foreign activities affecting our internal affairs through tourism; preventing and combating corruption of policies and group interests in the tourism sector. Promote the People’s movement to protect national security and build advanced examples in agencies, organizations, enterprises and schools on tourism. Regularly propagandize to raise people’s awareness and vigilance about plots, methods and tactics of hostile, reactionary forces and crimes in the field of tourism, creating a solid people’s security posture.

Both facilitating and sealing ‘loopholes’


The Prime Minister requested to improve the effectiveness and effectiveness of state management in the tourism sector. Proactively detect, promptly resolve and overcome shortcomings, limitations and shortcomings and strictly handle violations that hinder the sustainable development of the tourism industry. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of Vietnamese citizens, including Vietnamese going abroad for tourism, and at the same time review and perfect the system of relevant policies and laws in the field of tourism in the direction of creating favorable conditions to attract foreign investment and visitors to Vietnam, while contributing to closing the “loophole”, preventing hostile, reactionary forces and criminals from taking advantage of tourism activities to infringe on national security, social order and safety.

[Vietnam hopes to welcome back international visitors from next 7 months]

Ensure and improve the quality of human resources in the tourism sector, especially leaders, staff in formulating policies and laws on tourism, operators, tour guides, etc. Do well the work of propaganda, political-ideological education, awareness of protecting national security, ensuring social order and safety and standardizing the quality of tourism human resources right from the training institutions.

Prevent the use of fake citizen IDs

The Prime Minister requests the Ministry of Public Security to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned ministries, branches and localities in, the state management of security and order in the tourism sector; fight against crimes that take advantage of tourism to infringe upon national security, social order and safety.

Manage immigration, transit, residence and activities of foreigners entering Vietnam and Vietnamese going abroad for tourism; manage business lines subject to security and order conditions in the tourism sector; coordinate with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and relevant ministries and sectors in advising on perfecting guidelines, policies and laws on tourism development in association with protecting national security and ensuring social order and safety.

Building a People’s Movement to protect national security at agencies, schools, enterprises, tourist zones and attractions. Research measures to allow credit institutions to look up and authenticate citizen identities on the national database system on population to prevent criminals from using fake citizen identities. Formulate and effectively implement plans to ensure security in the tourism sector in the new situation.

Preparation of necessary conditions for tourism police recovery

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned ministries, sectors and localities in, continuing to review and propose the formulation and completion of the system of policies and laws on tourism. Focus on overcoming shortcomings and limitations in industry management; propose measures to manage tourists (especially free and visa-exempt visitors) and new types of accommodation, types of tourism, and “cheap” tour business; prepare necessary conditions (infrastructure, tourism products, human resources…) to recover Vietnam’s tourism in the context of the new normal, and at the same time effectively coordinate with the Ministry of Public Security to strengthen the management of foreigners entering, exiting, transiting, etc reside and operate in Vietnam; the appraisal and licensing of tourism representative offices of foreign countries and international organizations in Vietnam.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned ministries and sectors in, strengthening the management of the grant and change of land use purposes for investment projects in the tourism sector such as tourist apartments, tourist villas, tourist farms, etc. To step up the inspection, inspection, supervision and handling of acts that pollute the environment in tourism service provision activities; proactively assess and resolutely handle tourism investment projects with high risks of disrupting the natural landscape, polluting the environment, greatly affecting tourism resources and social life.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned ministries and sectors in, reviewing, examining and strictly handling illegal activities on e-commerce by foreign traders, organizations and individuals in Vietnam operating in the tourism sector; forms of providing cross-border services in the online environment, online travel agents…/.


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