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Review websites Visa on arrival Vietnam? Which is the best?

I’ve drawn out a list of the most competent visa on arrival Vietnam agencies which are all full of experiences about processing visa-on-arrival to Vietnam…

Depending on what passport country you have, need a visa if you plan to Vietnam for tourist or business. A certainly, you can get a visa at nearest consulate or embassy, the best way you can get a Vietnam visa on upon arrival.

You need passport have over 6months valid remain; two photo color passport-sized (4cm x 6cm and taken within the last 6 months); some cash for the visa stamping fee (From 25usd for single visa or from 50usd to 135usd for multiple visa); an approval letter for getting visa at airport from us.

You’ll present all these items to Immigration Officer at counter of landing visa area when you landed in Vietnam.

Receiving a visa approval letter, you can select us for processing it, you come our website and fill out a security form and pay a service fee.

The approval letter should be received within processing time that you selected.

Visa on arrival Vietnam

If you seek on Google for “Vietnam visa agency” or “Vietnam visa service,” you will see an array of results. Unfortunately, unreliable agency is still an issue that every applicant should be carefully aware of.

Pursuant to customers’ responses, I’ve drawn out a list of the most competent Vietnam visa agencies which are all full of experiences about processing visa on arrival to Vietnam.

Those companies are able to support travelers get both tourist and business visas through approval letters issued by Immigration Department of Vietnam.

Reliable Vietnam Visa Agencies


Officially established in 2002, is based in Ho Chi Minh and has become “a specialist” in processing Visa on Arrival (both tourist and business visa) to Vietnam.

Their service supplying chain is totally comprehensive, especially customer care service. Application Process is easy, simple which is extremely suitable for rushing cases.

With no exception, whenever I email them for a question, they have always responded back promptly within the same hour.

All people I know who have used their visa on arrival service have been extremely satisfied as well. It is very hard to believe that a visa approval letter can be processed just in 2 working days for tourist visa 2 – 4 working days for business visa.

Visa on arrival Vietnam


With branches and headquarters located in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi Capital, (also known as Tun Travel) is another high-qualified visa agency. Their website is well-organized and pretty approachable. If you have any questions, you can give them a call and their customer service agents that speak English, French, and German will address your concern.

Visa on arrival Vietnam (a.k.a Tun Travel)


One more visa agency should be recommended is Although I’ve never used their services, I hear good things about their customer service from my readers, that why it is mentioned in this post.

Visa on arrival Vietnam

My Vietnam visa

The letter you get from one of those agencies above will look like this:

Visa on arrival Vietnam

Normally, visa applications must be processed through a very complicated procedure with many compulsory documents such as bank statements, labor contracts, travel schedules…

However, as the sudden event comes up, not everyone has enough time to prepare for those, especially businessmen. That’s also the reason why Visa on Arrival is now widely used.

The description on Processing Procedure of the Visa on Arrival Vietnam

Visa on Arrival is totally visa issued at the Embassy or other authorized agencies in foreign countries.

Moreover, the Visa on Arrival is totally more convenient and flexible than the traditional one. Cause it is done within short processing time and no complicated documents are required.

Applicants don’t have to come directly to the Embassy (even worst for those living in countries with no Vietnamese Embassy) but only have to make an online application.

Once you already hold the approval letter in hand, you will be surely able to fly to Vietnam.

The letter is issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam and clearly mentions that the specified individual is capable of getting visa upon arrival.

Obtaining Approval Letter

It is very easy to get an approval letter of Visa on Arrival. You just have to access to websites of reliable Travel Agencies or contact them directly through emails.

Normally, an online application is enough. In case there is any misconduct of information exchange, you can email to the agencies to inform them your information as well as requirements.

Needed information simply includes passport information, travel schedule and some cases shall need hotel booking as well. No original paper is required for the process of Visa on Arrival and all information can be sent easily and quickly through email.

Finally, after the application is transferred to the Immigration Department of Vietnam, the Chief of Department shall sign in the letter by himself and send back the result to Traval Agencies.

On each letter, there will be a unique code and reference number which can easily be verified by Immigration Check Point at international airports.

Hence, the application is not required to bring with the original letter but only a print of it is enough.

Upon arrival, the applicant shall prepare for a print of the letter which is sent by Travel Agencies through email, then present to officers Immigration Check Point at international airports.

After all the information is verified, the visa will be stamped directly on the applicant’s passport.

Restrictions applied for Visa on Arrival Application

Visa on arrival Vietnam

Applicants should note down that the Visa on Arrival is only valid as the applicants enter Vietnam through airway.

Due to the reason that the visa on arrival is merely issued and stamped by Immigration Check Point at international airports.

There are international airports as following:

  • Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi
  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Cam Ranh International Airport in Nha Trang
  • Danang Airport in Da Nang
  • In case the applicants enter through borders or ports, .

Photo Requirement

One of the requirements of Visa on Arrival to Vietnam is two photos. This is quite easy for all applications to well-prepare for. The photographs should be passport size, roughly 4x6cm.

If you forget to bring with photos, don’t be worry. At Vietnam international airport, there will be photo service with fee collection for you to get two photos.

However, applicants had better get the photos and other needed forms, print in advance to get through the Immigration quickly without arising trouble.

For example, you can easily go to a CVS Pharmacy (USA residence) or some other quick photo processing center to get these taken for you.

Important dates for the Application

In some cases, applicants can’t identify exactly the date they shall come to Vietnam. In such case, this is not a big deal.

It is recommended that the applicant should fill out the entry date earlier than the provisional date. Because the approval letter is only valid from the mentioned date in the letter but not before that date.


Briefly, Visa on Arrival is such a good choice for travelers to Vietnam.

You make an online application, receive approval letter after couples of days, prepare for 2 photos, fill in a form, print out the letter and then you are good to get on a flight to Vietnam.

One more important point is the stamping fee (immigration fee) which is directly collected by the Immigration Checkpoint at the airport.

The fee is ranged from 25$ to 50$ but normally, you are recommended to bring with you 150$ upon arrival because stamping fee must be paid in cash by not by credit card.

Useful note for U.S. Citizens: from December 15, 2016, USA Passport Holder is able to apply for wide range of visa on arrival types including 1-month visa, 3 months visa (single/multiple entries), 6-month visa (multiple entry), and 1-year visa (multiple entry).

 Visa on arrival Vietnam

Vietnam visa fee on the wall at Vietnam Consulate in Ho Chi Minh city

***Note: Fees Subject to Change***

It is obvious that Visa on Arrival is extremely simple and good for travelers to Vietnam for both tourism and business purposes. The above information is all you have to know about Visa on Arrival to Vietnam.

Let’s make an application of Visa on Arrival and then enjoy your smooth trip!


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