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Apply Visa on arrival through us, your personal information will not appear on someone else’s official approval letter. You don’t need ask that Our system automatically provide PRIVATE visa approval letter service at NO additional cost.


When you apply Visa on Arrival through us, your personal information will not appear on someone else’s official approval letter. You don’t need to ask, our system automatically provide PRIVATE visa approval letter service at NO additional cost.

Foreigners who do not have a Vietnamese passport need to have a visa so as to visit Vietnam. If you want to get a Vietnamese visa, there are two ways you can do: (1) apply for a visa at a Vietnamese Embassy before your trip; or (2) get a Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) after you land in Vietnam. Many foreigners usually choose the second option because it is cheaper and often easier. So as to get a visa on arrival, you have to get an official approval letter from an online agency that specializes in Vietnamese visa services.

Many online agencies process their VOA applications in batches. During peak travel seasons, these agencies may process as many as 30 applications in one batch. With the ordinary type of VOA service, an online agency email the same official approval letter to all applicants in the batch, complete with each applicant’s name, passport number,visa type, date of birth, nationality as well as date of travel. If there are 20 applicants in the same batch as your application, you will see the personal information of these 20 applicants in your official approval letter. These 20 applicants will see your personal information in their approval letter by the same token as well.

Is it alarming? In this age of identity theft, you have every reason to be perturbed about sharing personal information with total strangers. This is especially true in case passport numbers are used as personal ID numbers in your country. At VISAONLINEVIETNAM, we understand your concern. We supply you PRIVATE visa on arrival service with NO additional cost. With our private VOA service, you can rest assure that your personal information is not shared with anyone. We handle applications individually and each official approval letter contains the personal information of each applicant (and family if applied together) only. We sure that, your personal information will not appear on someone else’s official approval letter with our private VOA service.


(PRIVATE visa on arrival service at NO additional cost)

At VISAONLINEVIETNAM, we value your privacy as much as you do and offer private VOA service ONLY. You do not even have to ask for it because we know how important it is to keep personal information private. In case you apply for urgent 2 working hour visa, we do not ensure for a private approval letter due to rush situation. However, we always try our best to get it private as much as possible. Our fee ranges from USD16.99 to USD33.98 per person for applications with one to two people, depending on the visa types and duration. We also offer rushed service for an additional fee



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Expedite – immediate Vietnam visa: In Emergency situation, the travelers will get guarantee letter or Evisa around 30 minutes to 1 hour after your payment all completed. Emergency Vietnam visa only takes from 4-8 hours working hours. Urgent Vietnam visa, the travelers can get your approval letter or Evisa from 1 - 2 working days after making the application and confirm payment online. Please note processing time is based on the Immigration Department...
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