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What you don’t know about 3 months Vietnam visa?

Since Feb 2012 both tourist and business passengers have rights to apply about 3 months Vietnam visa online throughout agencies or by their companies (legal representatives). Further, applicants when apply visa throughout our website do not have to show other documents at Vietnam airports except the approval letter we send for them via email…

There are many kinds of Vietnam visa, besides 1 month Vietnam visa, tourists and business passengers are able to pick up 3 months Vietnam visa about 3 months Vietnam visa single and multiple depending on their purpose when entering Vietnam.


About 3 months Vietnam visa: 3 months single and 3 months multiple

When to apply single Vietnam visa?

A single entry visa allows you to enter/exit Vietnam 1 time or it is also called visa with single use. Once your single entry visa used, you cannot enter again Vietnam with this used visa.

You must apply for the new one if you want to come back Vietnam again.

In this case, when applying 3 months single entry Vietnam visa, you can enter this country and stay for less than 90 days.


For example, after getting 3 months single Vietnam visa, it is available for you to entry Vietnam for 3 months.

When do foreigners need to apply multiple-entry visa?

To make you understand clearly about this type of Vietnam visa, let’s read the reference of many cases below:

“I am going to Vietnam and will be there for 2 months. However, I would like to travel between Vietnam and Thailand during these months. Do I need Vietnam multiple-entry visa?” – Mr.K.Robinson from Canada asked.

  •  Yes, you need 3 months multiple-entry Vietnam visa in this case in order to leave out and enter Vietnam for many times during 3 months.

“I need to go to Vietnam for urgent business and may stay there for 6 months. Do I need any documents of my company or other related documents? Do I have to go to Embassy or just apply online” – Mr. Michael Philips from England had concerned.

  • Since Feb 2012 both tourist and business passengers have rights to apply Vietnam visa online throughout agencies or by their companies (legal representatives).

Further, applicants when apply visa throughout our website do not have to show other documents at Vietnam airports except the approval letter we send for them via email.

Also, they have many options of choosing types of visa from 1 month up to 1 year with business or working purposes.


In conclusion: Vietnam multiple-entry tourist and business types are valid to be pick-up at Vietnam airports by applying online in advance.

In details, the maximum period of tourist visa’s validity is 3 months and 1 year with working/business visa respectively.

Information about 3 months single and 3 months multiple Vietnam visa


This kind of visa is beneficial for those who want to stay long in Vietnam without leaving the country.

You are allowed to stay uninterruptedly within 90 days and once you leave Vietnam, it will be expired.

Vietnam business visa is good for both business and tourism purposes. With 3 months single Vietnam visa, you can’t re-enter Vietnam without applying for a new one.

Vietnam business visa 3 months single entry can be obtained at the Vietnam Embassy or at the airport in Vietnam with visa on arrival service.

Normally, people would love to apply for visa on arrival to save the time and money. It is especially beneficial for those who stay far from the Vietnam Embassy.

The 3 months single Vietnam visa stamping visa is USD 25 and 3 months multiple Vietnam visa stamping fee is USD 50.

How many ways to apply 3 months Vietnam visa?

Applying 3 months Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy

By this way, visitors have to go to Vietnam Embassy in their places and apply for the Visa there.

Applying Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy, visitors need to come to Embassy 2 times: one for applying and one for picking visa up.

However, not every country has Vietnam Embassy/ Consulates, so you should check whether there is an embassy in your place.


There are 4 steps you should do to apply for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Embassy:

  • Visit the Embassy website, and download and fill in the form.
  • Bring all required documents (see below).
  • Bring cash to pay for stamping fee.
  • Normally, after 5 working days, return to the Embassy to collect your visa.
  • Process time: it depends on you and how fast you need your visa because, time will not be the same in many different cases.
    For a detailed answer, you should make a call to your agency or to Vietnam Embassy for details.

You have to prepare following documents before submitting your application for a Vietnam tourist visa in Australia:

  • A completed visa application form
  • Your original passport
  • 2 passport-size photos (30mm width x 40mm height, in color, white background, taken within six months and without glass wears)
  • Your flight booking
  • Proof of payment for visa fee (if you are using a courier service, or depositing the fee into the Embassy’s account at a bank)
  • Proof of accommodation for full stay

Applying Visa On Arrival for 3 months Vietnam visa


How to get Vietnam visa on Arrival? We wrote the whole steps in brief for you:

  • Fill in apply Vietnam Visa form on website with your information such as full name, passport number, date of birth, gender, nationality, date of arrival, type of visa…
  • Double check your information to make sure that all are correct, make a payment with a list of payment methods we accept and fill in the secure payment page for our visa service fee.
  • Receive approval letter in working hours. We shall automatically process approval letter and give the result back to your contact’s email on the bookings as processing time.

The time you can get your Vietnam visa depends on the method of processing time you choose when applying online.

We recommend you to use FAST TRACK service with quick support for stamping visa at Vietnam airports, or some extra services are available when you apply online as CAR PICK UP, BOOKING HOTEL, BOOKING TOUR,… so that you can avoid of having trouble at the airport such as be bothered or made difficulty by airport security or no one assists procedures for visa stamping at the Vietnamese international airports or could be denied visa stamping and rejected for entry…

If you want to apply for a Vietnam visa on Arrival for 3 months including single and multiple Vietnam visa, let’s apply visa at!

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