How can US citizens apply Vietnam visa in Vietnam Embassy Los Angeles?


You are planning a visit to Vietnam from Los Angeles? The article hereby will give you detailed information on how to apply for a Vietnam visa in Vietnam Embassy.

You are planning a visit to Vietnam from Los Angeles? The article hereby will give you detailed information on how to apply for a Vietnam visa.

Vietnam Embassy Los Angeles

It is not strange that thousands visitors come to Vietnam yearly for visit and work, thanks to many attractive sightseeing, comfortable climate and the hospitable.

There is no longer difficult procedures for United States (US) citizens. Is it easy to get Vietnam visa? How to apply for it? This article will help you with clearly guideline to apply Vietnam visa.

Do US citizens need a Vietnam Visa in Vietnam Embassy?

Pursuant to rules, foreigners are required for a Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam, but in fact, there has a list of country that exempt from Vietnam visa.

However, United State is not in this list, so United States passport holders living in Los Angeles and foreign passport currently residing in Los Angeles must apply for Vietnam visa.

In case you are not US citizens, please take a look at the table below to know whether your nationality is in the list or not.

Check it carefully before applying for Vietnam Visa, you may not waste money and time.



Term of residence



less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 30 days


less than 21 days


less than 15 days

South Korea

less than 15 days


less than 30 days


less than 14 days


less than 14 days



less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days

United Kingdom

less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days


less than 15 days

How to get Vietnam Visa in Los Angeles 2023?

How to get Vietnam Visa in Los Angeles
Vietnam Embassy Los Angeles

There also have some notice that you need to pay attention to before going to apply for Vietnam visa: make sure that your passport has at least 6 months validity and 2 left blanked pages.

US passport holders can apply for Vietnam visa in 2 ways: apply visa on arrival and apply at Vietnam Embassy Los Angeles.

Can I get a Vietnam visa on arrival?

A lucky news that since 1996, United States passport holders coming to Vietnam can pick up visa at Vietnam international airports, which is also called Vietnam visa on Arrival.

However, travelers can only apply this convenient visa when they enter Vietnam by plane. The stamping fee must be paid in cash only (both Vietnam dong and USD) at any Vietnam International Airports.

Why do more and more people use this way to apply Vietnam visa nowadays? Because it can be applied online, does not require applicants to be present at Embassy, that means it saves your time a lot.

With this way, you can stay at home, access the Internet and follow some simple steps to get a Vietnam Visa.

The important thing is you need to find a trusted visa to help you get Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

We strongly suggest you to choose this shortest and the quickest way, with 1 to 2 working days processing time. In urgent service, you can get visa in 4 to 8 working hours and in rush case, it takes you from 30 minutes to 1 working hour.

How can US citizens apply Vietnam visa in Vietnam Embassy Los Angeles?

When applying online, you are not required documents and you can also book extra service accompanied to make your trip be more comfortable and flexible.


How can I get visa on arrival?

Visa on arrival is available for those who fly from Los Angeles to Vietnam, below are the three simple steps:

  • Fill in apply Vietnam Visa form on website with your information such as full name, passport number, date of birth, gender, nationality, date of arrival, type of visa…
  • Double check your information to make sure that all are correct, make a payment with a list of payment methods we accept and fill in the secure payment page for our visa service fee.
  • Receive approval letter in working hours. We shall automatically process approval letter and give the result back to your contact’s email on the bookings as processing time.

Apply visa Vietnam Embassy Los Angeles

Vietnam Embassy Los Angeles functions as a bridge between the Vietnamese Government and its counterpart in United States. It is also the place where US citizens and residents can visit to apply for a visa to Vietnam.

People who want to apply this traditional way can come in person at Vietnam Embassy Los Angeles to apply visa, but they need to notice something:

  • Process time depends on how fast you need your Vietnam Visa. You should call to Vietnam Embassy for details if you want to make sure.
  • Required documents: your passport, money and 1 new envelope with stamp on it and your exact home address in order to avoid losing issues.
  • In case you come personally to Vietnam Embassy, you need to fill in the application form, show 2 passport-size photos, pay the fee in cash, and then return to Vietnam embassy after 4-5 working days to pick up your Vietnam Visa.
  • In other ways, you can send off your passport, application form, 2 passport-size photos via postal mail express to Vietnam Embassy Los Angeles, make a payment per instructions, get your passport with the visa stamp after 4-5 working days as well.
  • You can’t use extra services when applying visa via Vietnam Embassy and you have to handle everything to make your trip be perfect.

Address:    Nearest Embassy of Vietnam is in San Francisco (616km, flight time: 1h35m)

Phone:      +1 (415) 9221577


There is currently no consulate of Vietnam in Los Angeles, you can contact the Consulate in San Francisco to apply for your visa to Vietnam.

It takes you 1 hour and 35 minutes to flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

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