How can foreigners get temporary residence card Vietnam?

This article will show you how to get and what things you should prepare to apply for a temporary residence card Vietnam...

Among many required document for foreigners, temporary residence card Vietnam allow them to stay at the hotel or want to extend their Vietnam Visa. This article will show you how to get and what things you should prepare to apply for a temporary residence card Vietnam.

get temporary residence card vietnam

Nowadays, when The Ordinance on Entry, Exit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam are widely published, Vietnam become an attractive destination for foreigners who want to reside in Vietnam for a long time to work, study or research.

To stay in Vietnam for a long time, they must have a document called temporary residence card Vietnam. What is it?

Temporary residence card Vietnam benefits

Instead of losing a large amount of time and money for Vietnam Visa application when entering Vietnam, you can apply for a temporary residence card which are valid 1 or 3 years. Without a visa, residence card is the same entry and exit visa which help foreigners to enter Vietnam easily, as well as their visa exemption during the entry, exit and residence in Vietnam.

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Who are granted temporary residence card?

- Foreigner who is owner of the one member limited liability company( except as authorized representatives);

- Foreigner who is a member of the two member limited liability company or more;

- Foreigner who is a member of the board director of the stock corporation;

- Foreigners who work in multinational corporations or foreign companies in Vietnam

- Foreign lawyer who is licensed to practice following Vietnam law by the Vietnam Ministry of Justice;

- Professionals, students, trainees who work or study in national programs and projects which is signed between the ministries and approved by the government

- Foreigner who granted working permit in all kinds of businesses or representatives offices of foreign companies;

- The temporary resident card holder accompany relatives include: parents, spouse and children under 18.

How many types of residence card?

There are two kinds of residence card for foreigners who want to reside in Vietnam:

- Temporary Residence Card (TRC): granted to the foreigners who reside for a definite period of time in Vietnam.

- Permanent Residence Card (PRC): granted to the foreigners who reside, work permanently in Vietnam.

In this article, we just focus on temporary residence card Vietnam, which is popular at the present time.

Procedures of issued temporary residence card Vietnam

apply temporary residence card vietnam

To apply for a new temporary residence, you need to prepare:

- 01 written request for temporary residence card declaration about foreigners applying for temporary residence card with 02 photos (attached 02 photos sized 3x4 cm)

- 01 copy of passport and a visa which is valid (bring an original for comparison)

- 01 copy (bring the original for comparison) or duplicate of legal agencies, organizations, sponsor businesses record that are in need of proposal temporary residence card. As each case, foreigners may summit the following documents: investment certificate, business registration license, established representative office license, branch company( including active notices); seal registration certificate, 01 photo of working permit (bring original for comparison)

- Proof document of temporary residence address from local police department

- In case of bringing relatives: foreigner must summit some documents showing proof of relationship such as birth certificate, marriage certificate or household registration…

Note: Documents above must be translated into Vietnamese and certified or legalized as regulated, except for application for permanent residence, diplomatic note, passport, visa.

Processing time and validity of temporary residence card Vietnam

The processing time for temporary residence card Vietnam is 05 working days, counted from the date of receiving all documents (except for replacing lost card).

Temporary residence card Vietnam is valid from 1 to 3 years

The valid of temporary residence card is at least 01 month shorter than the duration of the passport

No temporary residence card will be granted for person with passport valid for less than one year

Note: When you get your TRC lost, you must immediately notify the issuing agency. Re-issuing procedure is similar to granting a new one but processing time is 14 working days.

Note when using temporary residence card Vietnam

People using temporary card must obey all regulations, notes (which is written clearly in card) and declare full report of temporary cases.

Guarantee agencies for granting the temporary residence card must have responsibility to:

- Manage all activities of people who granted temporary residence card following regulations which are registered in guarantee time.

- Return temporary residence card for issuing office when foreigners finish their work or come back their countries or have any personnel change.

Report to issuing office in written about any temporary change.



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