Free trip to Love Valley in Dalat by electric train

Free trip to Love Valley in Dalat by electric train

A free service to visit Love Valley – a very popular scenic spot valley in Da Lat city of Lam Dong Province by electric train has been offered from now until the end of January 2013

Free trip to Love Valley in Dalat

Records of Love Valley in Dalat

Just as true love has to surpass several obstacles, the Valley of Love in Dalat had to surpass many challenges in the past in order to gain its rightful name today. In the beginning, the valley was called Vallee Damour by the French before being renamed The Valley of Piece.

In 1935, its beauty and captivation persuaded people to once again name it after the most wonderful thing in the world: Love. Thanks to being the honeymoon destination of newly-married couples, this valley is even regarded as Niagara Fall of Viet Nam.

Free trip to Love Valley in Dalat by electric train


The Valley of Love is located in the Northeast which is 6 km from Dalat city, Valley of Love is one of the poetic beauty – spots of Dalat. There are many ways to explain the name: Valley of Love.

History of Valley of Love

* Among 1930s, Governor – general of Indochina – Mr. Varenne and a lot of French couples used to come here to sightseeing and exchange confidences on weekend. So, The French called the place Vallee D amour(the Valley of Love).

Until 1953, Mr. Nguyen Vy, chairman of Dalat at that time suggested to change all the French name of lake and streets in Dalat city into Vietnamese names. Then, the name Valley of Love appeared. This name exists till today.

* At that time, boy and girl scouts usually went camping at Da Thien valley and named it “the Valley of Love” with its meaning of the love for nature and country.

Dalat Love Valley Overview

Tourist coming to Dalat never forget visiting this valley because of its romance and beautiful sight. It becomes more and more popular for visitors.

Free trip to Love Valley in Dalat by electric trainThe valley of love was recognized as a National – level Beauty – spots in 1998.

The tracks lead to Vong Canh Hill from which The Valley of Love is magnificent view gradually appears in each traveler eyes. From that hill, they can also see the Langbiang peaks standing out vividly against the blue sky, or continue their adventure to find the Paradise Hill, another ideal destination which is surrounded by beautiful lakes.

Overall, the valley is another wonderful addition to your trip to the romantic Dalat.

Why does the Valley of Love in Da Lat attract many tourists? - Vietnamdrive

Does it sound like a great rendezvous to say your marriage proposal? Not really, because anyone can possibly fall in love with the landscape before fully listening to what you say.

But in case you are really making a proposal, give it a shot. Even if she or he refuses you, at least you will have been to The valley of Love.

Some amusements that tourists can have in this site are horse – riding, jeep safari, motorized and peddle boat on the lake.

Tips once you visit to Love Valley

Don’t forget to bring camera when coming here. These fantastic scenes worth shooting

The investment on the pilot electric train with the capacity of 36 passengers and the speed of 20km/h costs 1 billion VND, the Da Lat Love Valley Tourism Joint-Stock Company said.

Free trip to Love Valley in Dalat

From now until the Lunar New Year 2013, the company will put 2 more pilot electric trains into operation to meet the increasingly huge demand of tourists on Tet holiday.

Free trip to Love Valley in Dalat by electric train

The Love Valley Tour by electric train will start off at the flower garden, move to an eco tourism site situated at the end of the valley and then travel to strawberry and lemon gardens.

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