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How can foreigners get temporary resident card when working in Vietnam?

Working in Vietnam will require foreigners holding work permit. Many foreigners who want to apply for a work permit and work in Vietnam as a temporary resident card may don’t know the procedure. This article may help you.

To work in Vietnam legally, foreigners must apply for a work permit. This is an official certificate issued by the Department of Labor, Invalid and Society. Vietnam work permit cannot be applied directly by the workers or foreigners, but with the assistance of their employers or a service center in Vietnam.

How can foreigners get temporary resident card when working in Vietnam?
How Can Foreigners Get Temporary Resident Card When Working In Vietnam?

How to obtain for the temporary resident card when holding a work permit?

To obtain a work permit in Vietnam for temporary residence card, foreigners must know the Vietnamese Government’s law about this type of certificate.

Legal basis of work permit in Vietnam

  • The Decree No. 11/2016 / ND-CP detailed the implementation of some articles of the labor law on foreign labor at work in Vietnam

  • The National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam passed The Labor Code No. 10/2012 / QH13 on June 18, 2012, and it takes effect from May 1, 2013.

Conditions to grant work permit for foreigners working in Vietnam under new regulations

There are some conditions that foreigners must meet to be granted work permit when they work in Vietnam under the new regulations:

  • Foreigners must have full civil act capacity as prescribed by law.

  • Having good health in accordance with work requirements.

  • The foreigner should be a manager, executive director, expert or technical worker.

  • Not being the offender or being examined for penal liability according to the provisions of Vietnamese law and foreign law.

  • He/she is approved in writing by the competent State agency on the employment of foreign laborers.

Required documents to grant work permit for foreigners doing temporary residence cards

To be granted work permit, foreigners doing temporary resident card should prepare dossier include:

  • Application for a work permit for a foreigner according to the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

  • A health certificate or a medical certificate (within 12 months)

  • The judicial record as prescribed

  • Documents evidencing management, executive director, expert, technical worker, teacher (university diploma, certificate of work experience abroad …)

  • Two photos of 4×6 (taken in white background, without wearing glasses).

  • Original passport (copy of original certificate).

  • Documents related to foreign laborers (depending on each case as prescribed: the decision on the appointment of the parent company, the labor contract, the written approval of the labor use …)

How can foreigner get temporary resident card when working in Vietnam 3

You should note that, papers in accordance with this regulation are one original or one copy, if they are in a foreign language, they shall be exempt from consular legalization but must be translated into Vietnamese and authenticated in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

Where can foreigners doing temporary residence cards apply for the work permit?

Depending on the company/enterprise under the management of the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs or the company/enterprise under the management of the industrial zone/export processing zone management board that they can submit dossiers.

How long to get work permit?

It takes you 07 working days after receiving complete and valid dossiers.

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