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Vietnam Embassy in Brunei

Vietnam visa from Brunei can be easily applied for online. Citizens of Brunei who plan to visit Vietnam can conveniently obtain their visas without leaving the comfort of their homes. The online visa application process is simple, fast and secure.

Applicants can fill in their personal information, select the visa type and make a payment. Once the visa is approved, a visa approval letter will be sent via email. Upon arrival in Vietnam, the applicant can present their approval letter and passport at the immigration counter to get their visa stamped. With this easy and convenient method, travelers from Brunei can explore the beautiful country of Vietnam hassle-free.

How to get Vietnam visa from Brunei

Vietnam visa from Brunei
Vietnam Visa From Brunei

Embassy of Vietnam in DARUSSALAM, Brunei Darussalam Address: No 9, Spg 148-3 jalan Telanai BA 2312,BSB – BRUNEI DARUSSALAM Phone: (673) 265 1580 Fax: (673) 265 1574 Email:

Applying Vietnam Visa Online via our website: is the best way for your intelligent choice.

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