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What should you do when your Vietnam visa is expired?

Many foreigners may feel confused with many immigrant laws when they enter a country. We will help you to know things should do when your Vietnam visa is expired.

We have seen that there are many foreigners traveling or living in Vietnam but they don’t much understand the law, so they let their Vietnam visa expire or could not extend it on time for some reason such as the fee to do visa extension is too high or they have lost their passport…

You know, an overstay Vietnam visa can make you be punished by paying for penalty amount applied for overstay Vietnam visa.

To avoid getting stuck in this situation, we are going to give you some examples and tips help whenever you fall into one of these cases.


What happens when your Vietnam visa is expired?

According to the Vietnam Immigration Regulation, foreigners wanting to enter and stay in Vietnam legally are required to hold a valid Vietnam Visa.

However, the majority of people do not pay well attention to visa validity. As a result, they must pay for the penalty amount applied for overstaying cases in case the visa holders do not exit Vietnam or extend the visa by its validity.

With the information below, we wish to inform you about several points related to the overstay Vietnam visa (expired visa).

In case you are going to leave Vietnam but your Vietnam visa has expired for 1 or 2 days, you could leave Vietnam and pay a fine at the airport check-in point.

The fee is around 10 – 20USD per day and there is no defined fee in this case, as sometimes Immigration officers let you go without any punishment.

What should you do when your Vietnam visa is expired?

Pursuant to the Circular issued by Police Department in 2015 about promulgating visa processing, residence regulations for foreigners in Vietnam, due to a particular case that penalty for expire visas can be different.

The penalty that you must pay can be ranged from at least 500.000 VND to more than 5.000.000 VND.

To talk about the Vietnam visa extension, we advise that you don’t worry about the fine fee because most of the visa agencies do not ask for extra money for the fine when you overstay in Vietnam for just a few days.

But in case your current Visa already expired for more than three days, can you leave Vietnam? In some cases, the Immigration officers at check-in point won’t let you leave the country.

Instead of it, they will ask you go back to do the exit visa and pay for fine first, you might have to change or cancel your flight itinerary.

Of course, no one hopes to get in these cases, but when it happens, you should immediately contact your local visa agency to do the Vietnam exit visa and pay the overstay fee.

What should you do when your Vietnam visa is expired?


Some foreigners have the same question that, when their Vietnam visa has expired, can they contact the Vietnamese Immigration department to solve the fine by themselves?

We kindly answer that you can, but it may take from 5 – 7 working days to solve the problem by yourself because when you let your Vietnam visa expired, your name could be put on the block list and limit your entry into Vietnam next time you wish to visit, according to the Immigration law in Vietnam.

Depending on your previous entry ports, you may be refused to extend visa by the local Immigration officer if you did check in from other ports which are not controlled by the local Government.

For example, if you came to Vietnam and check-in at Noi Bai airport (Ha Noi capital), you cannot get your visa extended by yourself at another Immigration office.

So as to apply visa extension, there are some requirements of Vietnam Immigration Department that your current visa has to meet:

  • Your current kind of visa must be correspondent to your staying extending demand.

  • Stay in one additional month: If your current visa is one month single, one month multiple, three month single or three month multiple entry visa, you’re allowed apply to extend visa in one additional month.

  • Stay in three additional months: If your current visa is three month single or three month multiple entry visa, you’ll apply to extend visa in three additional months.

  • You must apply extending Vietnam Visa some days before your visa date expires, it’d better before at least 1 week (for 3 months visa, preferably 2 weeks).
    Because it takes you 7 days to finish as submitting your passport and requirement at the Vietnam Immigration Department Office, so applying soon may help you active in some ways.


In conclusion, we really recommend you come to work with a visa agency when your Vietnam visa expired to get more convenient and fluent in your process.

Normally, a visa agency or company will sponsor and help you to pay the fine without getting any trouble on your arrival next time.

A local agent with long time experience and good knowledge in this area can assist you to do an exit visa or help you extend your Vietnam visa.

However, the procedure is complicated or not need to depend on the number of days you overstay in Vietnam, it may harder if you overstay in this country for a long time.

But generally, it only takes you a few working days for the visa agency to do a visa for you.

Do you want to know about the fee, please send us a scan of your passport and the page in which contains your current Vietnam visa, previous entry stamp and send to our email.

We will check and let you know the fee as soon as possible. Vietnam visa extension fee is determined by your nationality, status of visa, types of visa, the port of entry, length of the extension.

  • Your nationality.

  • Your type visa in Vietnam: business; tourism, visiting relatives, electronic visa (E-visa), and it was issued for how long (1 month, 3 months or more than 3 months)…

  • Your last entry day and at which border: Ho Chi Minh airport, Ha Noi airport, Da Nang airport, Nha Trang airport, Phu Quoc airport or borderland…

  • Let us know exactly how many days you have overstayed.

We will check and give you the best advice for your case.

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