Can US citizens visit Vietnam without a Vietnam visa?

Can US citizens visit Vietnam without a Vietnam visa?

A Vietnam visa is required for citizens holding a US passport. However, there also has a place the US citizens visit Vietnam can travel in Vietnam without a visa. Where is it?

Can US citizens visit Vietnam without a Vietnam visa?

Where can US citizens travel without a Vietnam visa?

We kindly inform that the the only place where US residents can travel without a Vietnam visa is Phu Quoc Island. The decision which is effective from March 10, 2014 stipulated that: Foreigners and Vietnamese citizens bringing foreign passports to enter, exit or reside in Phu Quoc island are exempted from visa with a temporary stay of not more than 30 days. If foreigners enter an international border gate of Vietnam including air and sea, stay in a transit area at that border gate, then transfer to Phu Quoc island, they are exempted from visa according to regulations as well.

Thanks to many special policies for Phu Quoc including the visa exemption policy for foreigners staying in the island which is issued by the Government of Vietnam, Mr. Winand Curvers – a Dutch tourist who often travels and stays on Phu Quoc Island – are very pleased when expressing: “I thank the Vietnamese Government for issuing a 30-day visa exemption policy for all foreign visitors to Phu Quoc Island. The fact that the Government of Vietnam has special privileges for foreigners to come to the temporary island, I myself feel very satisfied. I will actively guide this new policy to friends when I arrive in Phu Quoc”.

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What should US citizens do after coming to Phu Quoc Island?

What happens if the US citizens want to go to other localities after coming to Phu Quoc island? The answer is they need to apply for a Vietnam visa. But fortunately, the entry and exit management agency shall consider issuing visas at Phu Quoc island that you don’t need to go anywhere. In case US passport holders want to stay in Phu Quoc island with a temporary stay of more than 30 days, the immigration authorities shall consider the temporary residence extension.

Don’t you want to be interrupted by your travel or you want to explore everywhere in Vietnam? We advise you the best way to get Vietnam visa, it is applying Vietnam visa on arrival, which you can obtain anywhere and anytime.

How to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival in Nauru?

Can the US citizens visit Vietnam without Vietnam visa?

Step 1: Fill out the apply Vietnam visa on arrival form online with your personal information and kind of visa you want to apply.

Step 2: Make online payment by Credit card via PayPal. After finishing to make the payment, you immediately receive an email informing about your order with detailed information. Your job is to wait for the result. It takes about 2 working days for basic services or faster if you choose urgent services.

Step 3: Receive Approval letter which helps you when you get in airplane and it’s required to show at “Landing Visa” or “Visa Upon Arrival” office for picking up your visa.

Step 4: On arrival at your destination airport, you are required to submit your visa approval letter + passport + Vietnamese visa application form, then wait to be called for paying the visa stamping fee to get your visa.

By using visa on arrival Vietnam, travelers do not need to wait too long to get the approval letter, an official document issued by Vietnam Immigration Department giving permission to get the visa upon arrival.

In order to get a Vietnam visa on arrival, US citizens should pay two types of fee: the service fee and the stamping fee.

  • Service fee: The service fee is for visa approval letter processing. It may increase if you choose urgent service, emergency service or immediately service.

  • Stamping fee: The stamping fee is paid in cash to the Vietnam Immigration Officer at the arrival airport to get the visa stamp.

Can the US citizens visit Vietnam without Vietnam visa?

Before obtaining Vietnam visa, you should note:

  • Make sure your passport has minimum 6-month validity and left pages.

  • For visa upon arrival option, it is applicable for those traveling by air to Vietnam.

How much do the US passport holders need to pay for Vietnam visa on arrival? Depending on how fast you need visa that you must pay the similar fees, of course the faster you need visa, the higher costs you should pay. Applying visa via this way, you can get any types of tourist visa such as 1-month single entry, 3-months single entry/ multiple entries…

After obtaining a visa, we surely that you can travel to the mainland provinces of Vietnam and to Phu Quoc Island or vice versa.

Stretching from north to south of Vietnam, there are many attractive tourist attractions along the length of the beautiful Vietnam country. Visitors should take time to attach to the attractions to see how beautiful this country is. Let’s make your holiday be a great time in Vietnam, don’t have any worrying about Vietnam visa because of having our support.

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