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Vietnam evisa guide 3

Vietnam eVisa Guide 2023

This article will provide you with all the necessary information about Vietnam eVisa, from its definition, application process, requirements, processing time, cost, extension, and other

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visa Vietnam

How long to get Vietnam visa?

You may wonder how long it takes to get your Vietnam visa done? Normally, you have two choices to get your Vietnam visa: Option one – apply by yourself at the Embassy/Consulate and Option two – apply online …

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Banh Cuon (steamed rice rolls)- a favourite food of Vietnamese

For many years, Bánh Cuốn (Vietnamese steamed rice rolls) has never stop to demonstrate its long-lasting perfect comfort food to food lovers. For those are familiar with Bánh Cuốn, it become favourite breakfast food. For those have not yet ever try the dish, once taste it, you soon fall in love with its flavor.

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“Phở” noodle soup – a feature of Hanoi

Phở noodle soup first appeared in the 1920s, ie it’s less than 100 years old. However, it developed incredibly fast. First, there was only beef noodle soup and it was hawked around the streets. During the 1940s, when there was a shortage of beef, people started making Phở with chicken as they had become addicted to it. And now Phở is so popular that almost no street in Hanoi is without a Phở restaurant.

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