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catch xe om or motor taxi in vietnam 63f9c9b849798

How to catch taxi and motorbike in Vietnam ?

Once a foreign traveler comes to a city in Vietnam, taxi is regarded as the most secure choice for transportation with high quality services and English-speaking driver. However, the price for a catch is not cheap at all. So if one travels alone, why not try “xe om” – the local transportation service (or so-called as motor taxi). Xe om is cheaper and more interesting way for tourists to get around every corner of the city.

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call taxi in vietnam

How can i call taxi in Vietnam?

Inexperienced and innocent tourists often become victims for taxi scams in Vietnam. The fraud taxi drivers always try to take them to the intended place by the longest road possible or they will start driving without turning on the meter.

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enjoy your summer with mekong delta tour 63f9c9a493d97

Enjoy your summer with Mekong Delta tour!

Let’s have an interesting summer holiday with one of our classic tours in Mekong delta of the Southwesten Vietnam!
Mentioning about Mekong delta, we cannot miss out its most attraction which is floating market in Cai Be and Can Tho with thousands of boats gathering together for exchanging goods in the early morning.

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VietNam Visa Code

How to get Vietnam Visa Code?

If you travel to Vietnam by land or by sea, Vietnam Visa Code or Approval Code is the visa type you should do. To save your time and money, you can apply online for your Vietnam Visa Approval Code through our intergrated system.

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favorite street vendors

Three food most favored street vendors that you cannot miss in Hanoi.

Sometimes, you might get tired of highly-cost dishes at luxurious restaurants and hotels and want to try out something new. I also believe that the traveling would be funnier to try out traditional and typical taste of the place other than just staying closed and modern. A suggestion given is to go to street vendors to try street tastes that are loved by Vietnamese young people.

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