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“Phở” noodle soup – a feature of Hanoi

Phở noodle soup first appeared in the 1920s, ie it’s less than 100 years old. However, it developed incredibly fast. First, there was only beef noodle soup and it was hawked around the streets. During the 1940s, when there was a shortage of beef, people started making Phở with chicken as they had become addicted to it. And now Phở is so popular that almost no street in Hanoi is without a Phở restaurant.

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The 7 Essential Vietnam Travel Tips

The 7 Essential Vietnam Travel Tips

You are planning a trip to this beautiful and peaceful country but this is the first time you come to Vietnam and everything in this country is still very new that makes you keep wondering and researching for your wonderful vacation?

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What must be seen in one-day Hanoi tour?

Being a historical capital for 1000 years, Hanoi is undoubtedly the cultural venue of Vietnam where a lot of ancient vestiges have been surviving against the ravage of wars and the harshness of the time. Once arriving at Hanoi, travelers may be confused by the diversity of the city’s monuments and may wonder “what are the most famous sites I should visit in this city”? The following suggested itinerary will help you to answer that challenging question.

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05 most romantic coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh city

Coffee culture becomes an indispensable feature of Saigon people. Anytime you wish for a relaxation, it’s not hard to find a coffee shop at any streets in Ho Chi Minh city. Here are 5 top romantic café where you may want to experience for difference during your visit.

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