1 Year Vietnam Business Visa for Indian citizen Perfect !

1 Year Vietnam Business Visa for Indian citizen Perfect !

This post provided simply way to get Vietnam Business visa for Indian citizens including Requirements, Online Procedure, Fees struceture…

Vietnam Business Visa for Indian

According to immigration rules, Vietnam business visa for Indian when you come to Vietnam to:

  • Explore business possibilities
  • Set up industrial venture
  • Purchase or sell products
  • Attend meetings or conferences

However, Indian residents visiting Vietnam for working are able to apply for the business visa on the same procedure.

By applying for business visa, you may not need to obtain for work permit whose procedure is very complicated and time-consuming.

1 Year Vietnam Business Visa for Indian citizens

1 year is the maximum duration of stay on a business visa. There are 2 kinds of short-term visa (valid for 3 months): single and multiple entries but long-term visa can be issued with multiple entries only.

Presently, Visaonlinevietnam.com can assist you with the following types of Vietnam business visa:

  • Single entry, valid for up to three months
  • Multiple entries, valid for up to one year

Vietnam business visa Requirements

Vietnam Business Visa for Indian

  1. Passport copy (only page containing your personal details)
  2. Tentative travel date
  3. Embassy address: needed only when you collect visa stamp at the Vietnam embassy.
  4. Specify type of visa for which you’d like to apply

Online Procedure

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First step, you should send above requirements to email address sales@visaonlinevietnam.com. Next, please wait to receive our payment link.

More over, you must make a successful payment before your application is forwarded to Immigration Department for processing.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after successful submission of payment. Processing time of the approval letter will take 2-7 working days (excluding national holidays and weekend) depending on type of visa and kind of service (normal or urgent).

Note: the visa approval becomes effective from intended date of travel submitted in application form, not from the date you apply for the visa. You are allowed to travel to Vietnam anytime while the visa is valid.

How to apply for Vietnam business visa online?

Vietnam tourist visa for Indian citizens

What you need to do is just to:

  • Fill in online application form. (Click on “APPLY NOW” on menu bar)
  • Settle your payment online once you finish filling.
  • Get visa approval letter sent to email within 3 working days
  • Print out the letter, bring with original passport, 2 photos, stamping fee to board your flight and get visa stamp at arrival airport.

Apply at Vietnam Embassy

Getting visa stamped at embassy using our approval requires the same documents and same stamping fee.

However, you should be aware of that the Vietnam embassy will not issue the visa stamp immediately unless you pay them some extra fee. So Visa on Arrival is highly recommended in this case

Fees struceture

Detailed guide to get Vietnam visa for India and cost of Vietnam visa for Indian


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